Top 10 Thrillers: Rewind the Suspense and Thrill of 2023

January 02, 2024

Some stories head on the rollercoaster of entertainment; thriller movies have this ability to take on the tour of surprise and amazement. 

In 2023, I witnessed this thrill and excitement with thrilling stories on OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many more. Here is the list of these exciting movies from 2023. Just take a quick glimpse of thrilling 2023 before entering into 2024. 

Let’s check the list of the most thrilling movies from 2023.

Movies that Thrills You in 2023

Missing- No one disappears without a trace.


Missing shows you the real meaning of why technology comes into existence. In this thrilling movie, June, a girl hunts for her mother while vacations in Colombia with her new boyfriend. But somehow, she had lost touch, and her mother went missing. Thousands of miles away in Los Angeles, June finds her mom with the perfect use of technology and her fingers without going anywhere. But her Digital sleuthing becomes the way to know her mother more. In this hunt,, June learns that she still doesn't know much about her mother, which surprises her. 

This roller coaster mystery unravels many secrets and tells us that you might be with someone for such a long time, but maybe there is something you have no idea or clue about in that part of your life. 

Cast and Characters

Actors Name

Characters They Played

Tim Griffin


Ava Zaria Lee

Young June(as Ava Lee)

Nia Long


Kimberly Cheng

Field Reporter

Storm Reid


Ken Leung


Amy Landecker


Megan Suri


Lisa Yamada


Sharar Ali

Speakes- Tia

Jameel Shivji


Michael Segovia


Daniel Henney

Agent Park

Joaquim de Almeida


Lauren B. Mosley


Rick Chambers

Morning Host

Tracy Vilar

Detective Gomez

Viviana Salinas

Colombia News Anchor


Leave the World Behind- There is no Going Back to Normal


Sometimes, names contain the whole movie story, just like this one. 'Leave the World Behind' is a movie about issues of race and other commotions happening in the world, but issues of race distract the characters from real problems. 

Amanda and Clay went on the most aspirational vacation with their teenage children. Suddenly, their house owner and her daughter come to the place as they escape the blackout in the city. Amanda and Clay's vacation was interrupted by them. Both families have no idea about the outside world as the internet, television, and radio stop working, as does the landline; they cannot find out what is happening. 

And then another strange scenario happened when sonic booms shattered the peace of the countryside. Animals started migrating strangely, and this led to the disintegration of both the families' mental and physical health. They indulge themselves in issues of race clash. On the other side, more alarming things are happening, and they have no idea about them. 

Cast and Characters

Actors Name

Characters They Played

Julia Roberts

Amanda Sandford

Mahershala Ali

G. H. Scott

Ethan Hawke

Clay Sandford


Ruth Scott

Farrah Mackenzie

Rose Sandford

Charlie Evans

Archie Sandford

Kevin Bacon


Alexis Rae Forlenza

Danny's Daughter

Vanessa Aspillaga


Josh Drennen

Officer Crow

Erica Cho


Orli Gottesman


Pavel Frolov

Plane Crash Victim #1

Jesse King

Plane Crash Victim #2

Kevin Kenny

Plane Crash Victim #3

Alex Barber

Kid Beachgoer(uncredited)

Madison Jessica Bennett

Kid Beachgoer(uncredited)

Sebastian Deerkop

Beach Goer(uncredited)


Beau is Afraid- From his darkest fears comes the most incredible adventure


When your fear becomes your most excellent adventure, it is the most happening thing ever. Beau is Afraid is the story about how Beau's fear becomes a mystery, and he hunts to find the truth about his ancestors. 

Beau fears her businesswoman's mother, who controls his life, and due to this, his life becomes a misery. But a point in time comes when he gets the courage to fight with her mom to find the truth about his father's death and the mysteries in his past. You will also experience a love angle in the film. 

Cast and Characters

Actors Name

Characters They Played

Joaquin Phoenix

Beau Wassermann

Patti LuPone

Mona Wassermann

Amy Ryan


Nathan Lane


Kylie Rogers


Denis Ménochet


Parker Posey

Elaine Bray

Zoe Lister-Jones

Young Mona

Armen Nahapetian

Teen Beau

Julia Antonelli

Teen Elaine

Stephen McKinley Henderson


Richard Kind

Dr. Cohen

Hayley Squires


Julian Richings

Strange Man

Bill Hader


Alicia Rosario


James Cvetkovski

Boy Beau


Fair Play- Competition is Close


Success is what makes relationships more complicated. This film proves this statement right, as it revolves around a couple, Emilly and Luke. 

Both of them work in the same firm, and suddenly, Emilly gets a promotion, which is expected by her boyfriend, Luke. The firm gives the post to Emilly, not Luke, which creates a storm in their relationship. Initially, they tried to make it, but they failed. Luke and Emily must face the actual price of success and the unnerving limits of ambition.

Cast and Characters

Actors Name

Characters They Played

Phoebe Dynevor 


Alden Ehrenreich 


Eddie Marsan 


Rich Sommer 


Sebastian De Souza 


Sia Alipour 


Yacine Ramoul 


Brandon Bassir 


Jamie Wilkes 


Freddy Sawyer 


Geraldine Somerville

Emily's Mother

Patrick Fischler 

Robert Bynes

Laurel Lefkow 

Luke's Mother

Buck Braithwaite Theo 

Luke's Brother

Jim Sturgeon 

Uncle J

Linda Ljoka 

Mrs. Meyers

J. Pace Noah 

Analyst #1

Abe Fark Harris

Analyst #2


Anatomy of a Fall


Anatomy of a Fall is a story of the mystery of Samuel's death, and his wife Sandra is blamed for this. At some point in the story, it becomes difficult to find out if he killed or if he took his life on his own. This investigation and trial stirred Samuel and Sandra's attention to Daniel, who was partially blind and 11 years old. The mother-son relationship gets affected, and Daniel is caught between the trial and their home life.

Cast and Characters

Actors Name

Characters They Played

Sandra Hüller

Sandra Voyter

Swann Arlaud

Maître Vincent Renzi

Milo Machado Graner


Antoine Reinartz

Avocat général

Samuel Theis

Samuel Maleski

Jehnny Beth

Marge Berger

Saadia Bentaïeb

Maître Nour Boudaoud

Camille Rutherford

Zoé Solidor

Anne Rotger

Présidente du tribunal

Sophie Fillières



Le chien

Julien Comte


Pierre-François Garel

Juge Janvier

Savannah Rol


Ilies Kadri


Vincent Courcelle-Labrousse


Cécile Brunet-Ludet

Juge Bollène

Nesrine Slaoui

Journaliste BFM


No One Will Save You- Over 1.65 million homes are broken into yearly. This invasion is different.


Loneliness is the most dangerous thing ever. No One Will Save You is the story of a lonely dressmaker, Brynn, who is unloved and friendless. She finds a way to live like the way she is living till now. 

Life doesn't have to go on the same path for years. Change is unexpected and sudden. This sudden change occurs in Brynn's lonely life when she hears a blood-freezing noise once a night. After this, her life changes, and now she needs to balance her mind to face the haunting visitor without knowing whether it is a human or anything else.

Cast and Characters

Actors Name

Characters They Played

Kaitlyn Dever


Elizabeth Kaluev

Young Brynn

Zack Duhame


Lauren L. Murray

Brynn's Mother(as Lauren Murray)

Geraldine Singer

Mrs. Collins

Dane Rhodes

Police Chief Collins

Daniel Rigamer

Mr. McCreary

Evangeline Rose

Young Maude

Dari Lynn Griffin


Gabrielle Bordlee

Woman(as Gabrielle Bordlee Mauro)

Tenaj L. Jackson

Woman at the Swings(as Tenaj Jackson)

Emani White

Teenage Cashier

Nathalie J. Alarcon


John Cortes

Police Officer(uncredited)

Ginger Cressman

Celebration Guest(uncredited)

Rose Bianca Grue


Bridget Malbrough

Bus Rider(uncredited)

Devyn Sandidge- 



John Wick Chapter 4- Baba Yaga.


John Wick Chapter 4 is all about a once-for-all Struggle for freedom. The story starts at the point when John decides to leave his past life, which is full of blood and guilt. But his past life is not ready to leave him alone. His past life strings restricted him from stopping everything. Some of his friends become opponents, and some try to save him. This battle, fuelled by vengeance and grief, ultimately leads him to a fateful confrontation with his former employers, the crime masters that forced him into exile. 

Cast and Characters

Actors Name

Characters They Played

Keanu Reeves

John Wick

Laurence Fishburne 

Bowery King

Milena Rendón

Operator(as Milena Rendon)

George Georgiou

The Elder

Lance Reddick


Daiki Suzuki


Julia Asuka Riedl

Operator(as Asuka Riedl)

Clancy Brown


Yoshinori Tashiro

Sumo #1

Marko Zaror


Hiroki Sumi

Sumo #2

Rina Sawayama


Shamier Anderson


Hiroyuki Sanada 


Aimée Kwan 


Donnie Yen


Bill Skarsgård 


Ian McShane





It is said that love happens at first sight, but sometimes, it is not as pure and as good as we thought. The same happens with Tom, a soft-spoken young man who works at an old bookstore. Once he meets a girl at the store and falls in love with each other, everything moves faster, like a bullet train. Now, they are going on a date and look happy with each other like a fairy tale. One day, a girl named Sandra tells Tom that her brother is in trouble and she needs some money to save him.

For the love of his life, Tom talked to his wealthy father, arranged money for Sandra, and gave it to her. What follows makes Tom surprised and betrayed as Sandra goes missing and disappears with the money.

Cast and Characters

Actors Name

Characters They Played

Julianne Moore


Samara Joy

Singer(as Samara Joy McLendon)

Tracey Ilgner


Blaise Corrigan


Patrick Cooley


Giullian Yao Gioiello

Jack(as Giullian Gioiello)

Hannah Dunne


Quincy Dunn

Baker- William Tyle

Tom White


David Pittu


Kerry Flanagan 


Phillip Johnson Richardson 

'Tipsy' Detective Collins

Darren Goldstein 

Pat Braddock

Sebastian Stan


Justice Smith


John Lithgow

Richard Hobbes

Paul Sikivie

Double Bass

Briana Middleton



Unfinished Business

It is safe to say that we can only go so far and not mention every cinematic experience that gave us the chills this year. These are only some of the top picks of season 2023 and it is certain that OTT and other platforms have more such gems to offer. So, get your binge mode on and start the suspense season before we say Ta-da to 2023!


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