5 Best Romantic Movies on Disney+

December 19, 2022

As the cold weather sets in and we’re all looking for ways to cozy up, what better way to do so than with a romantic movie? Thankfully, Disney+ has no shortage of love stories to keep you entertained. From lighthearted tales to more serious dramas, there’s something for everyone on this list.

So grab some popcorn, snuggle up, and get ready to stream some of the best romantic movies available on Disney+.

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The Fault in Our Stars

If you're looking for a heart-wrenching romance that will leave you sobbing, then look no further than The Fault in Our Stars. Based on the novel by John Green, the film follows Hazel (Shailene Woodley), a teenager with cancer, as she falls in love with Augustus (Ansel Elgort), another teen with cancer. Despite the heavy subject matter, the film is also incredibly funny and will stay with you long after the credits roll.

A Walk to Remember

If you're looking for a romantic movie to watch on Disney+, "A Walk to Remember" is a great choice. The film follows the story of two young people who fall in love despite the odds.

The movie is set in the 1950s and tells the story of Jamie Sullivan, a quiet girl who is content with her life as it is. She doesn't yearn for anything more than what she has. That is until she meets Landon Carter, a popular boy who seems to have everything going for him.

Despite their different worlds, the two eventually fall in love. However, their relationship is put to the test when Landon is diagnosed with leukemia. Jamie must find the strength to support him through his illness, even though she knows that the chances of him surviving are slim.

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The Notebook

Disney+ is the perfect place to watch a romantic movie. The Notebook is one of the best romantic movies on Disney+. The movie tells the story of Noah and Allie, two young lovers who are separated by World War II.

Despite the odds, they find their way back to each other and stay together until the very end. The Notebook is a heartwarming story that will make you believe in true love.


When it comes to romantic movies, there are few that can top Titanic. The 1997 classic tells the story of Jack and Rose, two star-crossed lovers who meet on the ill-fated ship.

As the ship sinks, they must fight for their lives while also trying to save each other. Titanic is a true love story that will have you reaching for the tissues.

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The Princess Diaries

The Princess Diaries: What could be more romantic than a coming-of-age story about a girl who discovers she's a princess? This movie is perfect for anyone who's ever dreamed of being a princess.


If you're looking for a romantic movie to watch on Disney+, we hope our list has helped you narrow down your choices. Whether you're in the mood for a classic like The Little Mermaid or something more recent like Frozen, there's sure to be a movie on this list that appeals to you.

So snuggle up with your loved one and enjoy one of these fantastic movies.

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